Friday, July 17, 2009

Can Flock Leaders Visit Small Groups Too Often?

Why would I even pose that question? Flock leaders are expected to visit the small groups in their flock regularly and have to visit groups to know how the groups are functioning, to see the status of their flock and to be able to give encouraging and stretching feedback to the small group leaders in their flock. So should you really be concerned about visiting the small groups in your flock too often?

Yes, you should be concerned about this. Have you ever been given a new role or job and the corresponding responsibility only to have the person who used to be in that role – or your boss – not give you the leeway to grow into and function completely in the role? That is the concern with flock leaders visiting small groups too often. While the small group leader needs your support, feedback and exhortation, he also needs room to lead the group and to be seen as the leader by the small group members. That means you as the flock leader need to get out of the way.

The flock leader role is not easy. It has a different rhythm than being a small group leader. It doesn't look the same week to week. And it carries a higher level of accountability. But flock leaders need to be purposeful in letting the small group leaders be the actual leaders of their groups.

While the small group leader’s primary ministry is to their small group members, a flock leader’s primary ministry is to the small group leaders in their flock. Step in when needed. Be there to help your small group leaders with issues. And push your small group leaders to grow in their walk, in leadership and in conducting a vibrant, reproducing small group that follows the HBC model.

But give them room to be the leaders of their small groups.